About Us

Greenville Institute for Innovative Learning is industry birthed. Created to meet the demand for IT and Telecom professionals in the Upstate and surrounding areas. Our program is like no other. It was designed to be unique and innovative, and has proven to be effective with a 100% pass-rate*! 


Our curriculum was designed with the premise that all students can pass any technical certification exam if guided correctly and held accountable. Thus, we call our classes Accountability Classes, led by Accountability Partners [AP]. Each Accountability Class is led by an AP that currently holds a professional position [Technical Managers and Technical Leads] in major companies around the Upstate. This allows students to benefit from the AP's relevant experiences, and gain valuable contacts for reference and/or employment.   



We believe our Accountability Training Model provides the best technical training program for students seeking to earn an industry recognized technical certification. With affordable rates, convenient hours, innovative curriculum, and high caliber APs, you'll earn a coveted technical certification in as little as 8 weeks!


We look forward to partnering with you in obtaining your next technical certification!



* based on pass results, not a guarantee for future participants.

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